TIME BUILD INC offers the following:

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  1. Rental aircraft by the hour
  2. Flight Training for Private Pilot Certification
  3. Time Building Pilot Programs putting the pilot on an accelerated pace to a career in the corporate or airline environment. The program offers 25, 50, 100, 150, and 200 Hour blocks of Single or Multi engine flying time. All flights are conducted using FAA standard cockpit resource management and crew concept techniques. True cross country flying in high density areas requires these techniques to meet workload requirements of checklists, ATC communication, flight routing and weather. All multiengine time building is 100% PIC time.
  4. Nothing to do on the weekend? Come out for an introductory flight or a scenic flight of the local area or purchase a flight for a friend. Want to start a local flying club? We can help with it all. Low cost hourly rental rate, no fuel surcharges & low cost rate for dual instruction. *Current promotional rate C172 - $86.00/Hr WET*

One of the biggest challenges faced by pilots that desire to fly professionally is building the required flight time. Have you found yourself short on multi-engine or total flight time for insurance minimum requirements? Time Build Inc recognizes this need and has developed a flight time program for our customers.

Our entire time building programs are designed to fill flight hours in a Beechcraft King Air turboprop, Cessna 172 or Piper Seneca aircraft. Time building is safe and affordable in our aircraft., all aircraft are IFR certified

Don't just Build Hours Build Quality Hours.

Our program offers an innovative approach to time building -- “Real World Flight Crew Training”. This unique program is designed to produce the highest quality flight crews for the corporate and airline industry. One of the most significant aspects of the program is our comprehensive emphasis on corporate airline operations. Our comprehensive emphasis in Air Crew Operation is unlike any traditional flight time building program. Time Build Inc seeks to create experienced flight crew members who function effectively and are thoroughly equipped for the challenges, and who are sought for employment with corporate flight departments and scheduled airlines.

Time Build Inc uses current, active or retired airline and corporate instructor pilots to provide ground, flight and simulator training. Flight training in Beechcraft King Air A90 turboprop is provided by airline or corporate flight instructors—pilots current in the aircraft.

It should be emphasized that the strength of the Time Build Inc “Real World Flight Crew Training” program exists in the focus on airline and corporate operations. Guided learning and experienced airline instructors are the key to the program’s success. Time Build Inc training is intended to go beyond just building flight hours. We train pilots for a job as a corporate pilot or airline flight crewmember. This distinction is the Time Build Inc philosophy from the beginning to completion.

By utilizing current professionals to provide training throughout the training we ensure that our program stays fresh and current. Changes in the industry are immediately reflected in our curriculum and our instructors can answer questions from experience, not merely from books. In addition, we know that our graduates are trained in corporate and airline standards because we work under those same standards when we fly the line.
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The only way our graduates know how to fly is the professional way.
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