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Recommended Equipment

TIME BUILD INC Pilot Program, is a leader in the Multi Engine and Single Engine time building business. Our program is designed around the requirements of what the corporate and regional airlines are looking for such as "Real world cross-country experience TIME BUILD INC puts the pilot on an accelerated pace to a career in a corporate or airlines

Our Time building programs offers 25, 50, 100,  150, and 200 hours of Single or Multi Engine flying time anywhere within the continental United States and the Caribbean. TIME BUILD INC conducts flights using FAA- standard cockpit resource management and crew-concept techniques. True nationwide cross-county flying in high-density traffic areas requires these techniques to meet the workload requirement of checklists, ATC communication, flight routing, and weather. All multiengine time building is all 100% Pilot in Command.

Like most pilots headed for an airline career, you already have all your certificates and ratings that you need. Now you need flight hours or multi engine time to meet the requirement before you can be hired with corporate or airlines. Often times, this is the most expensive type of experience to obtain with least guidance and support. TIME BUILD INC offers assistance in helping you build single or multi engine time at the best rates in county while learning new skills at the same time. TIME BUILD INC realizes how difficult it is to pay to build time and because of that, we offer the most affordable time-building rates in one of our several type aircraft.

We currently fly Beechcraft King Airs, Piper Seneca’s, Piper Aztec, Cessna 150 and Cessna172’s. Flights can be conducted anywhere in the continental United States and outside the continental United States to great flying locations like the islands of the Bahamas. However, there is a minimum 7 flight hours expected on a daily basis when away from our home base. Our programs allow you to fly fly 24hrs day, 7 days a week!

Come fly with TIME BUILD INC we will give you one the best flying experiences you've ever had, guaranteed!

Safety Pilot is Required, Qualifications of (FAR 91.109)

FAR 91.109 says a safety pilot is required for simulated instrument flight (as a required crew member) and that the safety pilot must have:

· A valid private pilot certificate
· Appropriate category & class ratings
· A current medical certificate
· And meet all the other pilot-in-command (PIC) currency requirements.

Other prerequisites include:
· A Valid, Unexpired United States or Foreign Passport
· Current FAA Medical Certificate or equivalent foreign medical certificate
· Private or Commercial Multi Engine Certificate or equivalent foreign multi-engine certificate

Required Items (must bring to program)
· Valid, Unexpired United States or Foreign Passport
· Airman Certificate
· FAA Medical Certificate or Foreign equivalent medical certificate
· Last 2 Pages of Logbooks
· Drivers License


Questions and Answers

Q.Can safety pilot log PIC?  
A.Yes, a safety pilot in the US can log PIC as long as  the other pilot is under the hood in VFR conditions. (Far’s 91.109).  The safety pilot can not log PIC if they enter IMC unless the safety pilot has a CFII and MEI and is giving dual.

Q.Do the airlines look down on Safety Pilot time?
A.for over 25 years flight schools have been doing these kinds of programs, there are thousands of pilots flying for air carriers in the US that has done some type of safety pilot time.

Q.Can you take the airplane on a long cross country?
A.Typically the time builders will fly the local state of Florida and the Islands first. Then if you want to take a long cross country like to California Dispatch will schedule you out.

Q.Can I keep the aircraft overnight?
A.Yes, if you are doing extensive long cross countries

Q.Fuel Reimbursement
A. Fuel is in the price when you top off at our base. Being centrally located in the state of Florida you will more then likely not need to buy fuel outside of our base. If you are on an extended cross country, then you and the other pilot will need to make up the difference above & beyond the normal self serve price at the aircraft home base of operation. In pricing our program like this when you are in the state of Florida you will not have to be paying a higher price.

Q.How many hours can I fly a day?
A.As much as you wish.

Q.Can I fly the aircraft during the day
A.Yes, you can fly during the day; however most people like to fly at night to work on their instrument skills.

Q. If I have another pilot can he come along too?
A. Yes, but each of you will be paying the same price.

A.If you are purchasing any amount of block time 50% payment is due up front. Upon completion of that portion of flight hours the remaining balance is due in order to continue flying.

Lacking actual IFR? Time build encourages flights into actual IFR conditions. Our aircraft are IFR certified

*Please Note: Persons that are not enrolled in one of our programs are not allowed to fly in the aircrafts as third party.



Time building cost: "Call for current discount block rates"
Building multi-engine time is a very important step in pursuing your professional pilot career. Time Build Inc. offers pilots any one a number of time building programs to suit your needs.
Our current hourly “WET” rental rates are:
Cessna 172P - $96.00
PA-23-250 Piper Aztec - $300.00/Hr
PA-34-200 Piper Seneca - $250.00
King Air 65A90 - $450.00/Hr Paired

Please Note:
If You Are Not Enrolled In One Of Our Time Building  Programs,  You Are Not Allowed To Fly In The Aircraft

*Prices Subject to change at any time.

 *Time to complete the multi engine time building hours may be more or less then stated on the website due to weather and maintenance.

*"WET"= Includes Fuel

*You pay all airport fees

*If you are not multi engine day or night  current there will be an additional  fee of $55 per hour for instruction.

* Time building consists of straight and level cross country flying.

*Someone that is insured on the aircraft will be sitting right seat.  You will log all PIC Time and No Safety Pilot Time


A $500 NON REFUNDABLE Deposit Is Require To Schedule Your Time Building Block (paypal)

Remaining Balance must be Paid in full  Upon Arrival.

We accept Cash, Certified Checks, Credit Cards*(add 4% for credit cards)

If for some reason you fly over your time block you will be charged an additional per hour rate based on the amount of hours you purchased.

$500 Non-Refundable Deposit if you Cancel Your Time Building Date - No Exceptions

Time Build Inc. offers true, PIC time building programs. You will receive the prerequisite amount of instructional hours to satisfy our rental insurance requirements. After these instructional hours, you may fly as the sole occupant of the aircraft. You may also request an Instructor to accompany you at the current instructor rate.

* Quoted prices are subject to change due to the  fluctuations in fuel prices. We work very hard to keep the cost of your flight education reasonable, but please contact us for current pricing on all programs.

Recommended Equipment

As pilot, you will need various types of equipment which are essential for your flying. Although TBI can loan you most types of equipment free of charge while you are enrolled at TBI, we suggest that you buy or bring your own - as a pilot, you'll need it.

Vital items include:

Additional items you may consider:
These items are available from a variety of pilot equipment suppliers. we recommend that you do not buy them in Europe, since equipment is less expensive in the USA. For suppliers, browse a general aviation magazine or the Internet.